John Lockley - Music

For a number of years in the late sixties and early seventies I was involved, first with the Cambridge University Twentieth Century Church Light Music Group (what a mouthful!), which was later abbreviated to 'Twentieth Century'. Several of their records and tapes contain music that I'd composed, most notably 'A Folk Passion' (RL305), which was a complete LP of a modern folk/rock oratorio about the crucifixion.

Other recordings containing some of my songs include the LP 'Hosanna - A Portrait of Jesus' (RL307), and the cassette tape 'Travelling Salvation Road Show'.(TCRW1)

Two of my songs - 'In the long and lonely days' (which is on the 'Hosanna' record - words by Peter Casey), and my arrangement of 'Do you see that man' by Peter Casey and Alan Thomas, are published in 'Songs of Worship' by Scripture Union (ISBN 0 85421 865 3).

After leaving Cambridge, some of the original members of 'Twentieth Century' founded 'Reflection' and its recording arm 'Reflection Records', and I was active with them for a time.

  • To discover what Reflection has developed into (and for an amazing web site including dowloadable MIDI files), click here:- Reflection - the web site

The Cambridge University group 'Twentieth Century' continued its existance at Cambridge as 'C20' which then became Ark, which now has two aspects - the music arm (with two bands, one light rock and the other acid-jazz) and the acting arm. To find out more about them (or to book them for a performance) click here:- Ark - the web site

  • In 1982 I wrote a complete folk/rock/classical musical on the life of Martin Luther. Called simply 'Luther!' it was originally written for a musically talented school and features an orchestra extended by a rock band. If you are interested in putting it on, please click here to E-mail me
  • I’m now actively writing music for use in church services – hymns, songs, anthems and other music.