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How to purchase - from OUTSIDE the UK
'A Practical Workbook for the Depressed Christian'
'After the Fire', 'After the Fire II - A Still Small Voice'
'After the Fire III - Chronicles'

  • Your local bookshop or Christian bookshop may be able to order the books (be sure you know the ISBN number).
  • Amazon in the US doesn't stock the books at the moment, but its UK subsidiary does (Amazon.co.uk) for all those that are still in print and will apparently ship to other countries. Click on each book title to view further information from Amazon about each book, and to order if you wish.
  • Contact Wesley-Owen Direct:

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Their number is 01228-512512 in the UK directory (but consult your own phone book because you will have to make whatever changes are necessary to dial the UK from abroad, adding the UK code, and probably dropping off the initial 0 from the UK number.)
So from the USA you would dial
When you get through to this number, which is ‘Send the Light’, ask for Wesley Owen Direct.

Wesley-Owen Direct
P.O. Box 19

Send Email to :Wesley-Owen

·         They will take credit cards. They charge about £6.00 ($9.18) postage and packing per order.

·         If all else fails..... then click here to E-mail me