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'A Practical Workbook for the Depressed Christian'
'After the Fire', 'After the Fire II - A Still Small Voice'
'After the Fire III - Chronicles'
The 'After the Fire Trilogy'
A Video workshop for the depressed Christian

·  Any Christian bookshop, which will probably have them in stock. If not, they will be able to order them for you, though the ‘After the Fire’ series is currently out of print. (You might be able to get second-hand copies on eBay or through Amazon.)

·  Any good bookshop (the books may need to be ordered, so it will help to know the ISBN number)

·  Order Through Amazon.UK Books: Click on each book title to view further information about each book, and to order if you wish.

The 'After the Fire'Trilogy

After the Fire

After the Fire II - A Still Small Voice

After the Fire III - Chronicles

A Practical Workbook for the Depressed Christian

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